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Welcome to  Sparkling Eyes & Optical Services

At our Eye Clinic, we believe that clear vision is priceless. Watching a sunrise or a favorite movie, seeing a child ride a bike for the first time, reading a favorite book, or looking through old photos – vision is the most important of the senses. It brings joy to our lives and allows us to experience the beauty of our world.

We also believe that clear vision requires comprehensive and  experienced care. That is why Sparkling Eyes & Optical Services offers integrated care for all types of vision. With offerings including  Color Vision Text, Internal And Exterior examination of the Eyes, Computerized Visual Field Examination and Prescription Assessment (Refraction). Sparkling Eyes & Optical Services is eye care’s definition of full-service. We believe in empowering people to live life to its fullest. 

 SPARKLING EYES is fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipments like Auto-refractor, Auto chart-projector, Phoropter, Auto-lensmeter, Non-Contact digital Tonometer, Visual field Analyzer, etc.

 We offer thorough comprehensive eye care services to our patients. Each patient receives a unique examination as we consider medical, hereditary, and congenital history as well as environmental hazards in the course of our examination. Our patients are at home in the clinic as they are attended to under warm and friendly atmosphere

On our site, you will learn more about the ways we can care for your vision. We hope you will learn a lot, ask any questions you have, schedule an appointment, and tell a friend about us. To make an appointment, learn more about our vision services, or discuss your vision options, call Sparkling Eyes & Optical Services.