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Our Services

Prescription Assesment (Refraction)

 This is done first objectively using the Auto-refractor where the Doctor observes the results of the Computerized Examination and secondly, subjectively using the Phoropter, where you say what you see. This will determine whether you are long sighted, Short sighted, Astigmatic, Presbyopic or have no optical error at all.

The results of your examinations will be fully explained to you by your practitioner and any special instructions will be given to you to keep.

Having completed your routine eye examination and treatment, we will put in place a comprehensive after care plan for you involving periodic reminders, follow –up tests and professional advice.

Your lenses can be in form of spectacles lenses or contact lenses.

We have a wide range of designer and other good quality frames for all categories of people. Lenses for correction of refractive errors come in various forms ,depending on your needs.

For contact lenses, we have corrective, prosthetic, therapeutic and cosmetic types and its accessories too.